Here are a list examples that might warrant favourable consideration from the Keeping Watch Grants Committee. This list is by no means exhaustive and if you are unsure, you should consult your Divisional staff or Contact Us to enquire about assistance.

A house fire resulting in the total loss of a naval family's possessions:

Support in the form of a cash grant to assist a naval family in crisis to replace essential personal belongings and to support them in meeting their immediate living costs. This family is likely to have modest savings to draw upon and be awaiting their insurance payout, or their property and/or contents might not have been insured or is under insured.

The serious illness of a dependant of a naval family:

A cash grant to assist a naval family to meet that unexpected costs associated with expensive and potentially life saving medical treatment not totally covered by Medicare or the family's private health insurance and/or the living/travel costs associated with the parent's bedside vigil.

A gifted dependant with a once in a lifetime developmental opportunity:

A cash grant to assist a naval family to afford the cost of supporting a dependant who has been offered a once in a lifetime study/developmental opportunity which is beyond the extended family's ability to pay for (eg. the cost of a return international airfare and augment living costs while overseas).

The serious illness of the naval parent of young children:

A cash grant to assist with meeting the day-care costs for one or more dependants of a naval family, while the normal 'at home carer' is spending much of each day visiting their partner in hospital.

Unexpected medical/funeral costs:

A cash grant to assist a young naval family to meet medical/funeral costs following the unexpected illness and death of a dependant. A deserving family might be a young couple who has yet to establish themselves financially, or have special circumstances where the unexpected nature of the additional expense has placed the family in financial crisis.

Death of the 'bread-winner' in a naval family:

A cash grant to a naval family who has experienced the sudden illness or death of the bread-winner without income protection/life insurance arrangements and/or inadequate personal savings to fall back on. Assistance would not be designed to meet living costs which should be provided through Government social security arrangements, but rather to prevent the family from having to immediately cancel all of their once affordable family activities.

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Keeping Watch is a perpetual charitable fund that provides assistance to serving members of the Royal Australian Navy and their families who are in financial need.

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